In What Ways Can An Implementation Of Digital Signage Benefit A School

Due to the remarkable benefits of digital signage in education, a lot of school and education institutions have started implemented it. With digital signage, communication with hundreds of students happens immediately, effectively and economically. Versatility and readiness to work with the web, this system enables schools to provide timely and value added education to students.

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Digital way of communication

Prior to the advent of this technology, most of the communication used to happen in the form of sending memos to teachers, posters or signs. This was a time-consuming, inefficient and an impractical mode of communication. School digital signage is an advanced form of communication that replaces the inefficient old communication systems by accurate and advanced technology based communication.

Many times, it was seen that the signs and posters used to get torn down. This results in failure of delivering messages concerning school operations to the concerned students and parents on time. In the absence of getting notification from teachers, school administrators had to face a hard time dealing with annoyed students and parents. School digital signage introduces a new form of communication that ensures timely, effective and easy communication between school administration and the students.


To ensure the utmost safety of the students, faculty members and visitors in the school premise, digital signage systems are integrated with emergency systems. These systems are placed at strategic locations all around a campus.

With these systems, students can easily be notified of emergency conditions such as electrical outages, weather, etc. immediately. By taking quick measures, this system plays an important role in saving the life of a person.

Promotion of school events

In schools and colleges, events kept occurring at regular intervals of time. Effective announcement and promotion of these events prevent students from missing to participate in an event and make efficient preparation.

Digital signage system offers automated display of event listings related to dances, job fairs, dances, sports, homecomings, charitable events and extra-curricular activities.

Display Lunch Menus

Digital menu systems are also very beneficial in displaying food menu in school cafeterias. Students can get information about the available foods along with the nutritional value and price. This encourages students to buy healthy meals. By efficient direction of traffic during lunch time, it helps the student to buy food quickly without wasting their time in standing in queues.


This is one of the ways by which educational institutions encourage “Go Green” initiative. Using the digital method in place of traditional paper and ink, it helps in preserving the environment and making it eco-friendly.

Also, use of digital signage systems in schools, aids in increasing the sale of a ticket to different events of school, encourage parents and alumni to contribute through recognition programs and increase awareness to fundraising activities.

Digital signage is one of the most beneficial introductions in schools and colleges. Dynamic digital and animated screens with the presentation of content in a colourful way capture the attention of every student.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, it is quite evident that this technology is a successful addition to education institutions and is going to stay for several years to come.

Accurate Forecasts Ensure Better Business Decisions

Organizations can make the right decisions and predict their future performance only by using forecasts. But producing a reliable forecast is much more difficult than you might expect.

Since inaccurate forecasts can have a significant impact on shareholder value, consider using tools like business forecasting software to make things easier. An increased accuracy of up to 80% means you can make better decisions more easily.

According to Percypt, collective forecasts are more accurate and therefore more valuable to organizations. With the right software you can collect better data by avoiding groupthink, while still getting the invaluable combined insight of different people across your organization.

Key questions

Moreover, you can dig deeper with the use of key questions, trend and demographic analysis, rationale comments, and quantitative forecasts. Simply ask the questions that are relevant to your business, and invite the right people, be they stakeholders, staff or experts.

This way, you only get the insight that is the most relevant, through a secure platform that ensures the privacy of all data. You can also group questions together and invite different people to forecast on each of these sets.

An easy-to-use forecasting platform lets your people share their knowledge anonymously so that they feel safe to be completely honest.

Unlike surveys and polls that only capture a moment in time, business forecasts provide information in real-time. Some software types update continuously and allow users to track their forecasts live so that they are able to catch new information right away.


Choose the Right Restaurant – Consider these Factors before Choosing a Restaurant

The restaurant culture has been prevailing since ages. A restaurant is basically a place that cooks and serves food to its customers and the customers are required to pay money for it. People go to restaurants in order to get good food that satisfies their appetite. However, sometimes when you are new to a town, choosing the right place to eat becomes very important. In such scenarios, you must consider few factors. In this article we will talk about those factors that can influence your choice of restaurant.

food menu

Why do people go to restaurants?

Many a times, you may not feel like cooking at your home or you want to try something different. Such situations may lead you to a restaurant. Dubai is famous for its top class restaurants run by the world’s best chefs specially the restaurants in JBR are considered as the best so far. Other reasons includes :

  • The food tastes good as the ingredients used in making the food are well sourced in the dish.
  • The service is nice as you don’t have to get and cook something and then clean your dishes. The staff will get the food to you without any hassle.
  • The ambience of some restaurants are so great that it calms you down and reduces the stress levels.
  • Various restaurants have an x-factor that attracts many customers. This can include their authentic way of servicing or a live grill.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a restaurant

The factors that must be kept in mind by the customer while choosing a restaurant have been enumerated below :

  • The menu – it is advisable to choose a restaurant that has a desirable menu that is, a menu of a restaurant must include something for everyone. In this way all the members will be satisfied from the food as different people has different preferences.
  • The service – a restaurant which provides you with a slow service should be avoided as it will add up to your irritation. One must choose restaurants providing a fast service.
  • The reputation – nobody wants to have food in a restaurant that has a bad reputation. That is why, you must do some research in order to find out which restaurant is highly reputed.
  • Price range – the restaurant that you are considering should offer good food at the best rates. It is advisable to go for a restaurant that is pocket-friendly to the customer and also satisfies them completely.
  • Parking – parking is the main issue. Many a times you may not find a place to park your car and you end up going home. It is important to choose a restaurant that provides it’s customers with valet parking facilities.


Apart from all of the above, another factor is the ability of the restaurant to accept reservations. Making reservations at a restaurant will prove to be beneficiary for the

Create The Perfect Indian Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Most women choose white dresses and pastel makeup for their wedding day, but Indian brides usually go with glamorous dresses, hairstyles and makeup. If you are interested in achieving such a look for your special day, you can try a bridal makeup that combines modern beauty trends with traditional Indian makeup styles.

Indian inspired makeup


indian brideYour Indian bridal makeup has to enhance the beauty of your outfit and complement your hair style, and that is why this type of makeup focuses on each and every detail. Use a long-lasting foundation that matches your skin tone and then start with the shape of your eyebrows, because a proper shape can dramatically change your entire appearance. Choose an angular brush to fill in your eyebrows, but remember to use a color a couple of shades lighter than your actual eyebrow hair, for a natural effect. Brow bones are usually emphasized with silver eyeshadow, but Indian brides love golden colors, so choose golden eyeshadow to complement your look.

indian bride 2
Then, use a primer for your eyelids and divide each one into three sections; the lightest color goes on the inner corner and the darkest one should be applied on the outer corner. Line your eyes using gel eyeliners and then add false lashes. Individual false eyelashes can fall out, so choose a single strip that is easier to apply and lasts longer. Indian makeup focuses on bold colors for the eyes and lips as well, so choosing a dark red or a maroon waterproof lipstick is the best way to complete your bridal look.